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Customized Fitness in a Team Environment.

Transforming the face of fitness - one client, one coach, and one community at a time.

It's not just for athletes anymore.
Individually designed fitness to help you live larger - a better, more fulfilled life. 

The method

One Client. One Coach. One Goal.

OPEX On-site Coaching
We are proud to be New Hampshire's first OPEX Gym. While there are many options out there to work out, OPEX Hampstead will meet you where you are currently at. Our Coaches will guide you each step ...
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Remote Coaching
Remote Coaching allows Coach and Client to still work together, but not be limited by having to train at OPEX Hampstead.  All of our work together will be through FitBot, Acuity and Zoom.  What is ...

Free Consultation


Comprehensive Assessment


Your personalized fitness plan



"OPEX has been a real game-changer for me. The combination of clear results, genuine enjoyment of my training...


"My goal when I first met with Ashley was to be in the best shape of my life by the time I was 50. I still have over a year to achieve that, but honestly the results I have already seen and felt ba...


"What I was learning is the only time I made the improvements I was looking for, was when I trained with a specific purpose...


Our goal is simple: personalize an approach to fitness to help you live the life you want