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OPEX On-site Coaching

OPEX On-site Coaching

We are proud to be New Hampshire's first OPEX Gym. While there are many options out there to work out, OPEX Hampstead will meet you where you are currently at. Our Coaches will guide you each step of the way while you are on your health and fitness journey. Your Coach will design a program that is tailored to your current abilities, schedule and goals. OPEX Hampstead is the last fitness program you will ever need. 

What Is OPEX and Individual Design? 
OPEX Gyms-The Why

Step 1
Consult and Assessment

During the Initial Consult, you and a Coach will discuss your current goals, lifestyle and nutrition habits. This will be stored in FitBot to discuss during on-going monthly consultations. 

During the 3 part Assessment, movement, strength and work capacity will be tested to establish your current abilities. The Assessment is important so that your Coach can design a program that is perfect for you! 

Step 2
Individual Design

Through a program called FitBot Coach and Client will communicate about training and results. 

Each month, you will meet with your Coach for 30 minutes to discuss your training, nutrition and lifestyle.

While you are at OPEX Hampstead, you will be coached by one of our experienced, professional Coaches. You will train along side like-minded individuals, all chasing their own goals. 


OPEX Hampstead Services

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