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Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching allows Coach and Client to still work together, but not be limited by having to train at OPEX Hampstead. 

All of our work together will be through FitBot, Acuity and Zoom. 

What is FitBot?
FitBot is the way that Coach and Client communicate training results over text, email, etc. FitBot has revolutionized how training is delivered to Clients. FitBot features training videos, notes and allows you to upload pictures and your own training videos instantly. 

What is Acuity?
Acuity is the calendar that the Coaching staff at OPEX Hampstead uses to schedule Consults. Click the link, pick a day and time, and meet with your coach through Zoom!

What is Zoom?
Once a day and time is established, your Coach will send you a link to Zoom, an online meeting room through your PCs camera. Once there, you will discuss training, nutrition and lifestyle habits during your monthly consult. 

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