OPEX Hampstead client


My journey with OPEX Hampstead started when I met Kyle in January 2013. I was preparing for an Elk bow hunt in 2014 and knew I needed to improve my strength and conditioning to get the most out of my 10 days in the massive Rocky Mountains.  High intensity group fitness was a fairly new fitness concept that involved strength and conditioning. To me, it seemed like the greatest thing ever!

The greatest thing ever started getting old as the gains turned into disappointing plateaus after a year in.  I expressed my concerns with Kyle and he developed an individual program design (ID or Individual Design) for me and allowed me to train on my own while others participated in group fitness. These individual designs allowed me to break through plateaus and develop strength gains I did not think were possible for me.  

For a few years my training went back and forth from group fitness to individual design. What I was learning is the only time I made the improvements I was looking for was when I trained with a specific purpose or towards a certain goal.

In the spring of 2017 I got together with Coach Ashley where we dialed in my daily nutrients and found that I was seriously under-eating. Once I improved this I dropped significant body fat and excess weight! My body was no longer in survival mode. When I decided to improve my nutrition and train appropriately towards my goals is when I started to make real changes. I feel better than ever in all aspects of my life. I really enjoy the process and it has been an amazing five-year journey.

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